Rustdoc overview

Rustdoc actually uses the rustc internals directly. It lives in-tree with the compiler and standard library. This chapter is about how it works. For information about Rustdoc's features and how to use them, see the Rustdoc book. For more details about how rustdoc works, see the "Rustdoc internals" chapter.

Rustdoc is implemented entirely within the crate librustdoc. It runs the compiler up to the point where we have an internal representation of a crate (HIR) and the ability to run some queries about the types of items. HIR and queries are discussed in the linked chapters.

librustdoc performs two major steps after that to render a set of documentation:

  • "Clean" the AST into a form that's more suited to creating documentation (and slightly more resistant to churn in the compiler).
  • Use this cleaned AST to render a crate's documentation, one page at a time.

Naturally, there's more than just this, and those descriptions simplify out lots of details, but that's the high-level overview.

(Side note: librustdoc is a library crate! The rustdoc binary is created using the project in src/tools/rustdoc. Note that literally all that does is call the main() that's in this crate's, though.)

Cheat sheet

  • Use ./ build to make a usable rustdoc you can run on other projects.
    • Add library/test to be able to use rustdoc --test.
    • If you've used rustup toolchain link local /path/to/build/$TARGET/stage1 previously, then after the previous build command, cargo +local doc will Just Work.
  • Use ./ doc library/std to use this rustdoc to generate the standard library docs.
    • The completed docs will be available in build/$TARGET/doc/std, though the bundle is meant to be used as though you would copy out the doc folder to a web server, since that's where the CSS/JS and landing page are.
  • Use ./ test src/test/rustdoc* to run the tests using a stage1 rustdoc.
  • Most of the HTML printing code is in html/ and html/ It's in a bunch of fmt::Display implementations and supplementary functions.
  • The types that got Display impls above are defined in clean/, right next to the custom Clean trait used to process them out of the rustc HIR.
  • The bits specific to using rustdoc as a test harness are in
  • The Markdown renderer is loaded up in html/, including functions for extracting doctests from a given block of Markdown.
  • The tests on rustdoc output are located in src/test/rustdoc, where they're handled by the test runner of rustbuild and the supplementary script src/etc/
  • Tests on search index generation are located in src/test/rustdoc-js, as a series of JavaScript files that encode queries on the standard library search index and expected results.