Building documentation

This chapter describes how to build documentation of toolchain components, like the standard library (std) or the compiler (rustc).

  • Document everything

    This uses rustdoc from the beta toolchain, so will produce (slightly) different output to stage 1 rustdoc, as rustdoc is under active development:

    ./x doc

    If you want to be sure the documentation looks the same as on CI:

    ./x doc --stage 1

    This ensures that (current) rustdoc gets built, then that is used to document the components.

  • Much like running individual tests or building specific components, you can build just the documentation you want:

    ./x doc src/doc/book
    ./x doc src/doc/nomicon
    ./x doc compiler library

    See the nightly docs index page for a full list of books.

  • Document internal rustc items

    Compiler documentation is not built by default. To create it by default with x doc, modify config.toml:

    compiler-docs = true

    Note that when enabled, documentation for internal compiler items will also be built.

    NOTE: The documentation for the compiler is found at this link.