LLVM Notification group

Github Label: A-LLVM
Ping command: @rustbot ping llvm

The "LLVM Notification Group" are focused on bugs that center around LLVM. These bugs often arise because of LLVM optimizations gone awry, or as the result of an LLVM upgrade. The goal here is:

  • to determine whether the bug is a result of us generating invalid LLVM IR, or LLVM misoptimizing;
  • if the former, to fix our IR;
  • if the latter, to try and file a bug on LLVM (or identify an existing bug).

The group may also be asked to weigh in on other sorts of LLVM-focused questions.

Helpful tips and options

The "Debugging LLVM" section of the rustc-dev-guide gives a step-by-step process for how to help debug bugs caused by LLVM. In particular, it discusses how to emit LLVM IR, run the LLVM IR optimization pipelines, and so forth. You may also find it useful to look at the various codegen options listed under -C help and the internal options under -Z help -- there are a number that pertain to LLVM (just search for LLVM).

If you do narrow to an LLVM bug

The "Debugging LLVM" section also describes what to do once you've identified the bug.